Toronto’s Best Roofing Repair Services

Whether you have a leaking problem, or a missing shingle, that’s a possible flood waiting to happen. This is a problem you want to correct right away because it can quickly spread through your home and cause more unexpected damages. It can damage your electronics, your furniture, your houseware, even grow mold where you least expect it.

The moment you realize you have a leak in your roof, you should look for professional help from an expert team with knowledge and skills to do the job. 3S Roofing has more than 10 years of experience in roofing services like roofing repair, leaks, shingle repair and replacement, chimney, flashing, fascia, soffit, eavestrough, gutter, downpipes, leaf guard, and more. We pride ourselves in providing only the best quality services to our customers in the Toronto GTA and its surroundings.

We are available 24/7 for emergency Roof Repair Service in Toronto and we could be the solution you need for your home the instant a problem arises. Before we even begin to work on the repairs that you need for your home, we will begin using tarps and other materials to ensure that the leak causes no more damage in either your home or on your roof.

In Toronto for the smallest roof repairs and jobs that need to be done, we can meet homeowners the same day and within 24 – 48 hours have the issue fixed for you. For larger issues, we will start by mitigating the damage and will provide you with a plan that will ensure the issue is resolved in a timely manner without causing further problems for you.

If you are looking for leaking roof repairs in Toronto GTA and its surroundings, think about our extensive record of excellence, years of experience, and satisfied customers. Contact us any time, 24/7 , and we will start fixing your problem as quickly as possible.